Capacitive field change detector with VDS Approval


Capacitive field change detector with VDS Approval G122001 of security class C.

Universal capacitive field change detector for monitoring objects such as sculptures, pictures, steel cabinets, medical depots, windows and many more. Use as a single detector for 8 sensors or in RS485 bus with multiple EMC20 detectors.

The EMC20/8 is equipped with the latest processor generation. This has improved the measurement process and shortened the response time to ( 8ms). Each sensor port has its own oscillator, no multiplexing.

Several devices can be networked via RS485, also with EMC20/1

A CAN interface is available for additional devices. The networked devices synchronize with each other ( the EMC with the lowest address takes over the synchronization).

The synchronization prevents that the fields of the sensor electrodes, especially from different EMC20/1 or EMC20/8 devices, influence each other.

The range of the monitoring field can be set object-specifically for each sensor with hardware and/or software. The trigger criteria for the alarms can be set continuously by software for each sensor. A distinction is made between alarm, pre-alarm, sabotage – all freely configurable for each sensor. The device has a very stable running in the oscillator frequency – this is very important for the trigger criterion.

The EMC20/8 and the EMC20/1 have the same software. The hardware of the EMC20/8 is extended by 7 oscillator circuits, which are directly connected to high resolution free inputs of the processor.

Capacitive field change detectors are generally sensitive to changes in ambient temperature. The EMC20/8 is the first capacitive detector to pass Environmental Class II testing at the VDS.

For comparison:

  • Environmental class I: +5° C to +40° C
  • Environmental class II: -10° C to +55° C


Powerful Software EMC20_config

The EMC20/1 is configured and monitored via the USB port or via the RS485.
Powerful Software EMC20_config
Configure the outputs and messages. In the information and circle window, display of relevant operating data.
Powerful Software EMC20_config
Setting the frequencies and balancing
Powerful Software EMC20_config
Measured values, scatter, drift, etc. shown as a graph.

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